Anime Review: Slime 300

When did watching anime stop being about having fun? Rather than for enjoyment, it seems like the only way for an anime to get noticed in 2021 is to ask profound questions. As if there’s no point watching a show that doesn’t in some way tackle the various social and political issues of our time. I’m just as guilty of falling into that trap, finding that I primarily watch things that resonate with me on an emotional level.

“Slime Taoshite 300-nen,” or “Slime 300” is a break from the norm, drawing attention due to its inclusion of the uber famous voice actor Aoi Yuuki as the main character Azusa. “Slime 300” falls into the isekai category as Azusa is reincarnated in another world after working herself to death. She wishes for a calm relaxing life and is granted one as an immortal witch. Azusa spends her days killing slimes to make money, living a simple life. She lives a peaceful life of luxury for three centuries before things change.

For most shows, that last sentence would imply a drastic shift in the show’s tone, but not for “Slime 300.” Simply put, all those years of killing slimes have turned Azusa into the most powerful being alive. Does she use this newfound power to thwart galactic evil or fight against an oppressive government? No. She goes about her business as usual. And on the way, through various means she encounters several other beings that end up being incorporated into her family. Laika the dragon, Halkara the elf, Falfa and Shalsha the slime spirits and Rosalie the ghost all have various adventures in their little world that always end the same way: with everyone being happy. Whether it’s stopping a dragon war or being invited to a celebration in the demon realm, the conflicts never amount to anything in the wake of Azusa’s absolute power.

There’s no hidden meaning to grasp in “Slime 300,” but that doesn’t make it any less pleasant to watch. In a landscape filled with deep shows attempting to be the next huge hit, “Slime 300” was a refreshing departure from the norm that deserves just as much respect. It’s a show you can sit down and enjoy for no reason. It’s a show that, when finished, leaves you feeling satisfied and warm. It has compelling side characters, good music and an overall relaxing vibe that’s a very calm and simple experience. Give it a shot and rediscover the fun and enjoyable side of anime.