Apple revamps iPhone’s iOS

I’ve always considered myself a Microsoft girl with a Windows PC, Microsoft Office and Kinect as my top choices. However, with the various phones I’ve gone through, I can confidently say that switching to an iPhone was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made regarding technology.

Starting in 2007, Apple began releasing iOS, which improve the operating system of its devices. With Apple working on perfecting this update, anxious consumers have been hyping about what is to come. So far, Apple has shared that it has revolutionalized its design to ensure users recieve a lovable and improved experience.

“With iOS 7, not only is your device more capable, you are too,” says Apple on its website regarding its newer features: Control Center, AirDrop and more multitasking options.

Control Center will put everything I care about in one central location–anything from WiFi to a flashlight is categorized together on a single screen with one swipe. I’m always looking to be more efficient and with my eyes always glued to my phone, I will hopefully be able to accomplish tasks quicker to allocate my time elsewhere.

The other concept Apple is introducing is one similar to Microsoft’s SkyDrive application that automatically links files from your Windows Phone to your Windows 8 PC. I was reluctant to get a Windows Phone upon its release, but now I am even more loyal to Apple because of its new sleek design. To make things better, the application even includes a weather forecast for the day.

If that’s not enough, Apple has added more features to its camera by introducing panorama and filters. It’s cool they have these added features, but I still have Instagram to fit my needs. Along with the camera changes, there will also be easier ways to view pictures categorized either by collections or by year. I’m pumped to begin using the iCloud Photo Sharing application. All iOS devices that are included in the photo-sharing group can stream photos and videos to each other. This will be especially useful when my family is constantly requesting photos from vacations and events.

With all of these new designs, there are bound to be issues. Third party applications are struggling with having the correct format under iOS 7. With beta testing for developers coming soon, there are still features that could be changed for consumers. For example, there may be motion-sensing controls to perform tasks. This sounds intriguing in terms of technology being able to comprehend my movements and act upon it.

It’s about time for Apple to redesign and improve. People are seeking cleaner designs with more practicality to aid with increasing efficiency. I’m curious to see how other companies will react, or if they are reacting at all, given that they already know what Apple will be doing for its release in the fall.