Art related classes for spring quarter

Spring quarter is almost upon us, and for some of us, spring sounds an aweful lot like “Almost time to transfer.”

Preparing to say goodbye,  getting ready to make new friends and striking out on your own – Spring quarter holds the last few months here for some of us here at Bellevue College.

Our memories of BC will stay with us for a life time, the people we met here and the classes we took will propel us into our goals and dreams, and there are some fantastic classes coming up that are a perfect send-off before it’s time to leave:


CES 286: Popular Culture: Punk and American Underground

Torrence J. TTh 3:00-5:10p R101

“This course starts with punk rock of the 1960s and 70s, then branches out into a variety of cultural movements that influenced and were influenced by the punk movement.

Some of the topics covered include punk, new wave, noise, industrial and gothic music as well as underground fashion, body modification, neo-tribalism, pranks and hoaxes, guerrilla art, etc.”

– James Torrence

ART 108: Intro to Hand and Power Tools

Lillie G. TTh 7:30-10:20am C162

ART 240: Oil Painting

Lindman D. TTh 4:30-7:20p

CMST 161: Basic Broadcasting

Gardner J. MTWTh 9:30-10:20a R106C

-lab 10:30-11:20a MW D126R

CMST 291: Making Movies

Bogert V. TTh 12:30-2:40p

DMA 102: Digital Design and Storytelling

Garrow S. T 3-5:10 D103

DMA125: Drawing for Animation 

Jones C. ONLINE L100

ENG 111: Zombie Literature and Film

Torrence J. MW 12:30-2:40p R110AB

“This course is a survey of zombie-related literature, film, and music starting with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and hitting genre highlights from around the world. Much of the course will involve interpretation of zombie literature from a variety of literary perspectives.”

-James Torrence

INDES 140: Intro to Interior Design

Davis P. MW 9:30-11:40a B104

Culpepper M. TTh 2:30-4:40p L213

MUSC 116: History of Rock & Roll

Wilson M. DAILY 10:30-11:20a N204

Almli T. ONLINE R230

MUSC 136: Intermediate Guitar

Wilson M. TTh 1:30-2:20p N204

ENGL 237: Writing Fiction

White J. TTh 12:30-2:40p R201

Seeman J. ONLINE R230


If you aren’t yet at the point of no return (a.k.a. transfer season), these classes are still a great way to widen your experience, have fun, and meet other people with a creative mindset.

To see more of the Spring class line-up, grab  a schedule around campus in the C Building inside Student Programs.