Artistic pornography raises questions

Suicide Girl Kaiya provocatively poses for the camera, displaying her tattoos and piercings which are considered a form of artistic expression and liberty on the web site.
Written by: Marissa Green
Piercings, tattoos, colorful hair and punk rock music to some may be considered as unconventional. Suicide Girls is a website dedicated to women and men that share those “out of the norm” qualities. Suicide Girls was founded in 2001 by Sean Suhl and Selena Mooney in Portland, Ore. In 2003, they moved their growing offices to Los Angeles. Suicide Girls is a website that allows people to share their interests in music, art and entertainment. It is a place where women and men can express themselves however they want to be depicted, whether it is sexually or artistically through photography, music or themselves. The website presents the profiles of women and men with a punk, Goth and an indie style look. The theme of the 1940s and