ASG funds open gym

By Adam Magnoni
BCC’s Associated Student Government (ASG) met on Nov. 11 for the weekly Board of Directors (BOD) meeting. The board funded the open gym program, heard again from Katie Boudadene on behalf of the Rotaract Club, and changed how students can charter new clubs. Peter Prescott spoke on behalf of the Student Physical Activities (SPA) program and one of the most popular programs at BCC: open gym. Supporters requested $10,000-16,000 in funding so that the program could run as is and have the funds to hire a program coordinator. Prescott pointed out that the question was really between keeping open gym alive versus bringing on the new position and creating a complete intramural program. “I don’t think people are making the connection between open gym and the catalyst from [that] to what intramurals could be,” said Prescott, “Some are seeing all this money as