ASG Leg. to get assistant

By Brook Stalling.
On Tuesday, the Associated Student Government (ASG) Board of Directors unanimously approved funds for the Bellevue Eagles and the Circle K student clubs. The ASG Board received notice of an emergency funding change to hire an interim legislative assistant in Olympia. VP of Finance and Communication Vicky Ma moved to approve a funding request from the Bellevue Eagles club for $405.50 for a recruitment event on January 27. Club representative Marco Sanchez expected 70 to 100 people to attend. The money will be used for event publicity and refreshments. The club has members from both BC and the Eastern Washington University program at BC. Providing networking opportunities between students at both colleges is a goal of the club, Sanchez said. As the club had neglected to include sales tax in their funding request, Clubs and Programs Representative Dominic Lee moved to amend the original request to $441.59 to provide for the sales tax. The amendment and the motion both passed 6-0-0. Ma moved to approve a $300 funding request from the Circle K Club to send members to their district convention. Club representative Richard Simpson said that club members would go to the conference to elect new members and to learn about voluntarism. ASG President Amanda Alva asked if the club had an advisor. Director of Student Programs Faisal Jaswal said that they did not. Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Representative Burke Colquhoun asked what activities the club did at BC. Simpson said the club had several volunteer projects, including a boy and girl’s club, a retirement center, and cleanup projects. Marketing and Public Relations Representative Chapman Chung said he would like to see more Circle K club activities at BC. The motion to approve club funding passed 6-0-0. Ma gave advice and consent notice to the board regarding her emergency re-appropriation of funds to hire a contractor to fill the open legislative assistant position until a permanent replacement can be found. Alva said the position was too important to leave vacant. The legislative assistant works for BC’s interests in Olympia. Ma, as the VP of Finance and Communication, is the only officer of the ASG empowered to make emergency re-appropriations. The ASG Board of Directors must be informed of the action in an advice and consent notice, but has no authority to revoke the re-appropriation.