Athletes who move on

By Christopher Wood

With all of the effort that goes into being a part of a collegiate athletic program here at BCC, how many go on to four year institutions?

From an athletic standpoint, not many continue on with their athletic endeavors. From the 2007-2008 year, about 150 athletes were involved in althletics at BCC, said Bill O’Connor, BCC athletic director. From that, 34 are now playing at four-year institutions. This is a rate of 22.6 percent of last year’s athletics program.

“We felt last year was kind of an above average year for athletes going on to play at four-year schools,” said O’Connor.

A large portion of those transfers came from the baseball and men’s basketball programs. Specifically, all four of the sophmores from the mens team have transfered on to four-year institutions, he added.

O’Connor said the numbers of those who continue varies each year. Also, he adds that the number of athletes continuing on when they transfer should go up as the quality of the teams improve.

“The better the teams, the more interest you get,” said O’Connor.

Historically, BCC has seen a lot of athletes transfer on to four-year institutions and compete.

However, O’Connor said athletes who use the skills they need to succeed in athletics in their academic work will have a better chance of getting into four-year institutions.

“They go hand in hand,” said O’Connor.

Kim Werkau, BCC volleyball coach, said that athletes transfer more easily because they are more focused on taking the classes they need to transfer.

“[This is] largely due to the great resource of personnel helping direct the academics of each athlete in the athletic department,” said Werkau.

Werkau said this aids athletes who have intentions of going on to play at four year institutions.

“Once the focus is set, the wheels are in motion for each student athlete to accomplish this goal,” she said.