Basketball profile

By Anthony Cantu – Student Reporter.
Tiffany Shen is the starting point guard on the BCC women’s basketball team for this 2008-09 season. She has played basketball for 10 years including experience at Kentridge high school and is one of 11 freshman on the team this year. “I’m excited for this year,” said Shen. “It’s always a bit of an issue when you have this many freshman on a team, but we all have a lot of drive and a lot of heart.” Shen says that all the players on the team get along really well on and off the court, and they hang out all the time. “It’s cool because we can talk to each other about anything: friends, family, girl stuff whatever,” Shen said. Shen knew a few of the girls prior to this season from playing AAU ball (which is a select league), and playing against them in tournaments. She said she’s excited to finally get to play with some of them instead of always against them. Straight out of high school, Shen had the opportunity to go to several four-year universities, including Gonzaga and Western, based on her academics, but she really just wanted to play basketball. Later, when she found out that she had an opportunity to play here at BCC, she decided to pass on the other schools and come here. Teammate Phyllea Francis described Shen as very nice, helpful and a trustworthy friend. She’s really competitive, Francis said, but is all about the team. If there’s anything Shen is concerned about this season, she said, it’s the fact that all the freshman are a little inexperienced when it comes to playing at the level of college basketball teams. That that was to be expected though, she said, and she really isn’t too worried about it. “We’ll adapt to whatever we have to,” said Shen. “we’ll just take it as it comes.”