BC announces decision to apply for EBT terminal

Emily Hsu / The Watchdog
Emily Hsu / The Watchdog

On Monday, April 15, 2013, Bellevue College announced it will be submitting an application that could potentially lead to the implementation of an Electronic Benefit Transfer terminal at the college.
This announcement comes following a meeting on March 20, 2013 during which BC officials discussed the potential of putting forth a SNAP application so as to obtain an EBT terminal on campus, something that no other college or university in the country has yet achieved.

Present for the announcement were ASG Officers, Student Programs Program Coordinator Candy Stewart, Assistant Dean of Students Faisal Jaswal, Director of Food Services Todd Juvrud, Interim Vice President of Student Services Dr. Ata Karim, and Vice President of Administrative Services Ray White.

“We’re pretty excited about the EBT project.” said White. “We want to see if this will work; it would put us on the map and be a good lighthouse for other institutions. I think this is a great opportunity for administration, students and faculty to solve some problems. This is a learning institution and this is going to be a great learning opportunity.”

BC’s decision to put forth an application is only the first step in a long process that can lead to the implementation of an EBT terminal, but reaffirms BC’s commitment to supporting students of marginalized populations in its ever diverse college community.

Should BC’s application be rejected by the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Services, the college will be provided with an explanation of why, and have six months, should it choose, to make the necessary changes before becoming eligible to re-apply.

“We are an open enrollment institution, which means we have a responsibility to our community, and we have a responsibility to every individual who becomes part of the Bellevue College Community, by virtue of them being a student, faculty member, staff, or employee,” said Karim.
However Karim stresses that this is his own personal professional philosophy and is not necessarily Bellevue College’s official policy.