BC hosts annual Fall Welcome Fair

On Wednesday, Sept. 20, Bellevue College hosted its annual welcome fair in the C building cafeteria and courtyard, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The fair was put on by Student Programs to welcome students to fall quarter at BC and showcase the many different clubs and programs that are available on campus.
The welcome fair was carnival themed this year. It featured about 38 different departments, along with approximately 19 programs and 25 clubs, according to Nora Lance, the Associate Director of Student Programs.
Along with the many clubs and programs being showcased, the fair also had tours of the college and free carnival food such as cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn and hotdogs. A local radio station came and played music, and there was a giant slide and PacMan game. On top of it all, there was fortune telling and henna tattoos.
Lance explained that the fair was put on so “people will feel welcome to come to Bellevue College and to showcase all of the different clubs and programs.”
Heath Hayden, an assistant in the Library Media Center, explained that their table was there to “talk to students about what they can find in the library.” She explained that the welcome fair “allows our students to see what different programs are available on campus, as well as off campus. Also, to connect with each other and have fun, to remember that the most important thing is to have fun here at Bellevue College.”
Stuart Weaver, a Bellevue College student and the treasurer of the CEO club, commented on their booth and the benefits of the fair. “The CEO program is a program that involves high school dropouts and allows them to reintegrate into higher education. The CEO club was put in place because there was a high amount of dropouts who felt alienated in college, which given the kind of students that they are, is understandable. The club was created to help them feel more involved in college and present them with opportunities to network and build their careers outside of college. It’s been a bit of a rough start, but it’s been really fun,” he said.
“Most years I’ve kind of just ignored [the welcome fair]. But since I’ve been involved with a club I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve had a lot of opportunity to network with other students in the club. I’m really enjoying it this year,” Weaver explained.
BC student Nick Mardon commented on the welcome fair as well, with a slightly different perspective.
“I appreciate that the school is putting on events and trying to raise some community spirit, it was nice to get some free food but at the same time it was very inconvenient to totally congest that area,” he said.
Mardon also shared some commentary on the school’s financial situation. “I think the college’s money and resources could be better used to improve the facilities.” He went on to explain that rather than using its money for events such as the welcome fair, the college should be putting more towards programs and departments that are in danger of being cut due to financial problems.
The volunteers at the welcome fair were forced to shut everything outside down early due to a sudden and unexpected downpour.