BC Mask Mandate to Relax May 2nd

Clementine Allen // The Watchdog.

As of May 2, Bellevue College will cease its requirement for students, employees, and visitors to wear masks indoors. BC has been requiring masks longer than the Washington State guidelines due to those who traveled during the break, as an added safety measure. After measuring the community level using the King County Community Level metric, BC will lift the requirement but will have some remaining conditions.

Employees are not permitted to require masks in larger spaces such as classrooms, but they are allowed to request that others wear a mask in smaller spaces such as enclosed offices. In the Disability Resource Center, the Neurodiversity Center, and any mental health, healthcare, or clinical settings, masks will still be required. Depending on the internship, clinical placement or travels, masks could be required. For those who tested positive or have been exposed, masks will be required if said so by HR or Student Affairs. Finally, it is recommended, but not required, that high-risk individuals still wear a mask.

Please remember, as from the Mask Metrics guidelines, “Wearing a mask is a personal choice… people have MANY reasons for masking. Avoid making assumptions about why people are wearing a mask, and please honor masking requests where possible.”