BC music students host spring quarter concerts

Last Friday, May 31, the Bellevue College music department commenced its spring quarter concert season. The choir performed selections from the beloved musical drama “Les Miserables” in the Carlson Theatre. Students, no fear, there are a couple more concerts coming up.  Support student musicians who have spent the entire quarter preparing for these upcoming concerts.

On June 4, the BC Jazz Combos,under the direction of Shawn Schlogel, will be performing the works of familiar jazz artists such as Monk, Hangrove, Silver and Blade for the student body, family members and faculty. The evening’s festivities will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Carlson Theatre. Tickets cost $5 for general admission.

On Friday, June 7, “Celebration” will be performed in the Carlson Theatre at 7:30 p.m. Tom Almli is the director of the event, which will also feature special guests from the Meadowdale High School Jazz Choir, lead by Jeff Horenstein.

The “From the Chamber” concert will be hosted on June 10 in the Carlson Theatre, curated by Dr. Brian Cobb. The evening will begin at 7:30 p.m., and will feature student instrumentalists, vocalists and performers who will play music from the Baroque and Classical era.

Choir instructor Lyle Forde explained that singing Broadway and popular styles is a contemporary way of singing and provides students with a different kind of enjoyment.

For the “Les Miserables” concert, students volunteered for solos. “I encourage them to take turns in class singing the selected song. I then hear students in private as well, making the selection based on voice range, appropriate vocal quality, ability to communicate, projection of power and note accuracy,” said Forde in regards to the solo audition process.

The recent cinematic release of “Les Miserables” had made the music popular and widely distributed once again. “Audiences always enjoy music that is familiar to them,” said Forde.

Elaborating on the “From the Chamber” concert in particular, Cobb said “the event is catered towards getting all of the students that feel ready to perform the opportunity to play in front of their peers, and that just wasn’t around two years ago.”

The challenge facing the Music department is acquiring a sizable and engaged audience for concerts and recitals. “The way I think about it is not being oblivious to music,” Cobb offered on the subject.

Forde added to Dr. Cobb’s concerns: “I encourage everyone to participate in this art, especially as a young student. They then have their whole life to enjoy the thrills and joy that music provides. Learning and enjoying music is really a life-long endeavor that everyone can experience,” he said.

“Music is for everyone. In terms of musical performance, there is so much to be said about interpersonal connection, camaraderie, and working towards one goal and one vision,” said Dr. Cobb.