BC Office of Sustainability Surveys Students on Its Climate Action Plan

Photo by Noah Buscher from Unsplash.

Bellevue College’s (BC) Office of Sustainability is now surveying the campus community about its Climate Action Plan. The survey is available digitally to everyone in the community and allows respondents to share their thoughts on both environment-related issues, like which parts of the plan to prioritize, and policy-related issues, such as suggestions for the social equity part of the plan. Students interested in sharing their thoughts can access the survey here.

The Climate Action Plan was originally laid out in June 2010 by the BC Environmental Advisory Committee. The document outlined goals and tactics for a 40-year process of reducing BC’s environmental impact. However, the Climate Action Plan is a living document. This means that it is continually being tweaked and updated as necessary, with updates occurring on a five-year cycle (hence this quarter’s survey).

The Climate Action Plan consists of four distinct sections: buildings and energy use; transportation; purchasing, waste and other strategies; and education and culture change. Each section is divided into sub-goals, with separate action plans for achieving each sub-goal. The complete plan, as well as progress updates from 2011 and 2013, can be viewed as a PDF on the Office of Sustainability’s website.