BC Reads! announces scholarship winners

Photo courtesy of Bellevue College

Every quarter, Bellevue College offers a way for students to win $1000 scholarships by entering a scholarship competition called BC Reads.

In BC Reads, students read one common book and interpret it –through writing, poetry, artwork, presentations, and even board games. This year, the book was “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein, which illustrates the unique relationship between humans and dogs, narrated through the eyes of the dog.

This year, the winners were:

Badamtsetseg Batkhuu, who won a scholarship for the essay “What I learned from this book.”

Corinne Arnold, who also won a scholarship for her essay, “Reflections on The Art of Racing in the Rain.”

Joedy Morrow, who won a BC Bookstore gift certificate for a pencil drawing.

Elizabeth Gu, who also won a BC gift card for a pencil drawing.

Jonathan Betancourt and Yahir Sandoval, who won a BC Bookstore gift certificate for a PowerPoint presentation.

And finally, Taylor Hague and Keeila Kogl, who won a BC Bookstore gift card for a board game.

The scholarships issued to Arnold and Batkhuu cover BC tuition for one quarter, up to a maximum of $1000.

The winners were decided by the Scholarship Committee composed of faculty members and will be on display in the Library Media Center beginning on March 1.