BC Theater “Stop Kiss” production

Photo by Michael Brunk / nwlens.com

“Stop Kiss”. This hook is a great headline that enhances curiosity and probably makes more than one wondering if kissing is even an issue nowadays.

“Stop Kiss” is a play that was held at the Bellevue College theater from Apr. 12 to 14. This event gathered students as well as other participants that have a taste for art and live performance. Directed by Megan Mullen, the cast was consisting of current Bellevue College students who used their acting talent for uplifting entertainment. The theater located in the E building was shadowed by the evening twilight as the public was making their entrance, 7:30 being the time scheduled for the show to begin.

The play was making its memorable premiere in New York’s Public Theater in 1998 and the message behind “Stop Kiss” could be considered as a hot topic of our contemporary period. The story takes place in New York where two female friends meet in one’s apartment, sharing stories of their boyfriends and spending quality time together. Late at night, Sara and Callie were walking through New York City’s West Village, when they share their first kiss.

As the story goes along, both of their lives are impacted by a sudden tragedy.Who knew that an innocent act will lead to disastrous consequences. Written twenty years ago by Diana Son, the play deals with issues that are still relevant for todays’ society. “Stop Kiss” highlighted problems that make inflammatory discussions in daily life such as sexual orientation, acceptance, identity and physical violence. In the society, there are some categories of people that are constantly alienated for those stated reasons and there is much more pressure for women to be accepted. In general, people tend to follow a path that the society has established as normal which makes no room for other ideologies. When evolving in that environmental mentality, it is a challenge to shift from the normal to a new philosophy because of the fear of being rejected, other people’s opinions or being threaten take over our inner voice. Because of this, the theme of acceptance was the most present in the play.

The two main characters despite their friendship were repressing emotions because of the fear of being not accepted and breaking the norms of society. They remained silent numerous times rather than expressing their mutual feelings. “Stop Kiss” also gives an illustration of women that are being assaulted for their sexual orientation.

As we are living in the 21st century, there are more regulations in favor of identity and more tolerance for people’s sexual orientation, but hate crimes are still an issue in the society. The performers did a great job on stage by the way they played their character and how they incorporated emotions with their script.

The play resolved that expressing ourselves freely by revealing our true color to the world is not the actual problem. Instead, it showed society should instead be more opened minded, more tolerant and should show respect regarding personal decisions.