BCC mourns passing of a beloved employee

Written by: Kylah Ellison
Many people around campus knew Horn Chhim, a longtime employee of BCC’s Custodial Services. Chhim recently passed away and those who knew her are deeply saddened. Chhim began her career at BCC on July 9, 1984 working the night shift, and switched over to days almost eight years ago. She was responsible for restroom upkeep and help with daytime events. She also took care of the emergency calls that came in for clean up. Chhim made lifelong friends during her time here and will be sorely missed by many. As Lucinda Taylor, Executive Assistant to the President said, “While many of you may not have had the opportunity to know Horn, most of you will have noticed her fabulous smile as she went about her work of keeping our campus clean and ready for the public.” Aside from being a custodial worker at BCC, Chhim also did some office cleaning and cooking in her friend’s restaurant. She was also a beloved mother and grandmother. She always had stories to tell about her daughters and granddaughter and was passionate about the family she had here and back in Cambodia, her homeland. Luckily, she took a trip there last year, so those members of her family will have a lasting memory of her. She was also a great listener, “asking about family in a way that let you know she card about the answer,” says Taylor. According to her manager, Brenda Erwin, “she had some good friends here at BCC. I moved her to days some time ago, and she had a great knowledge of the school and the people here. She was a joy to be around [and] she made a lasting impression on this school and the people who work here.” Those who enjoyed the privilege of knowing her will remember her for her happy presence, the bubbly, contagious smile and laugh she used so often, and the many long conversations that she had here with her friends and co-workers at BCC. “My heart goes out to Horn’s daughters, granddaughter, and all her friends and family,” says Erwin. “And all those who enjoyed her as much as we have.” Chhim, her warmth and lively, happy attitude will be deeply missed.