BCC offers academic success

By Brook Stallings
The Academic Success Center in room D204 has helped tens of thousands of students in the 29 years it has operated, according to Scott Bessho, co-director of the reading and writing lab. The Center offers free tutoring to all Bellevue Community College students. One-on-one tutoring sessions are available for some students as well.

A sign in the Academic Success Center gives tutors some reminders: “Praise, not criticize,” “Be Real,” and “Don’t Stress.”

The Academic Success Center has four parts: the math lab, the writing lab, the reading lab and the Academic Tutoring Center.

The math lab offers one-on-one tutoring on a drop in basis to all students.

The lab has computers with printers and math software, textbooks and solution manuals, and a quiet study area.

The writing lab is also available to all students. Students can drop in to have a tutor look over a paper for ten minutes, or they can schedule a half-hour appointment. Students can use lab computers with word processing software and Internet accesswhen they are not being used by a class.

The reading lab helps students improve their reading skills. Students in developmental reading courses come to the lab for extra practice and help.

The Academic Tutoring Center serves students who need help in other courses.

Some science, math, business technology, and language courses have been identified as high risk courses, with many students needing help each quarter. Any student in these courses can drop in for group tutoring. The Center provides a tutor for each course a few hours a week.

The Academic Tutoring Center also offers two hours a week of one-on-one tutoring to any student receiving a grade of