BC’s active art club

Art Club group photo - cropped

The Art club has been renewed and resuscitated by a new president. While working at the Campus Activities Board, Dan Morris noticed the Art club was no longer active. Inspired by his drawing class, Morris decided to reignite the club by working with the old vice president.

The goal is to provide a judgment free area where students can create anything they can imagine, Morris hopes that the art club can also be a stress free environment. He would like it to be somewhere students can go to relax and have fun without deadlines or criticism. “Art is a part of my communications degree,” said Morris, “but I’ve always loved art, I’ve always been involved in art as a kid. I love painting, creating, sculpting everything. It’s fun, art is just fun.”

Morris has also began linking up with other clubs on campus as well to get as many people involved in the art club as possible. “This is the first quarter where students are getting involved. We’ve got the photography club and we’re starting to connect with other clubs as well. The more we get the students involved the more ideas we get and the more opportunities we’ll have to do art displays, plays, music and just have a lot of fun.”

Morris and vice president Andrew are planning a bake sale for the end of February to raise money. Every student who purchases baked goods or donates gets to draw or write some words on a piece of paper. When the bake sale is over, the club will place the collage on a table and coat it with plastic epoxy to make it permanent.

On top of funding for field trips, Morris came up with a plan with Faculty Adviser, Linda Thomas, to put together a scholarship for students who don’t have the means to buy their own art supplies. He plans on having members of the club go around Bellevue and Seattle to speak to art shops about possibly donating art supplies or money. “You don’t have to be an art major or an artist to join the art club, just love art and love to create.”

The art club holds a weekly meeting every Friday from 1:30pm to 2:30pm in room C256.