BC’s Associated Student Government Launches Student Senate- Applications Open Now

Image by hasgeek is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

An exciting new opportunity has arisen for Bellevue College students interested in leadership in the form of the Associated Student Government (ASG) Student Senate. The ASG is launching a student senate, which will be composed of  12 senators. This will include Academic Division senators, with one senator for Arts & Humanities, Social Science, Health Science and Education Wellness Institute (HSEWI), Science, and School of Business and Technology. There will also be four campus life senators, with one for Housing, Athletics, Running Start, and International Students, as well as three Senators-at-Large who tackle general student senate tasks. 

The duties of these senators will be important, with the capability to create real change on campus. ASG Event Representative Sienna Jarrard says, “The most important duties of the student senate will be to be a representative of the students and write, propose, review and vote on legislation meant to express the student opinion on campus and make recommendations to other bodies on campus. We are hoping the Senate provides students on campus with another outlet to voice any direct concerns or ways to improve student life while also giving students the chance to be involved in the whole process.” The student senate promises increased student representation in campus government and gives a great leadership chance to interested students. The description of the position on the ASG website also mentions that “senators are required to attend each regularly scheduled Senate meeting during their term.” The duties will be extensive but worthwhile. Jarrard adds, “Students will be expected to attend training, orientations, and regularly scheduled Senate meetings throughout the quarter. Senators will collaborate with each other in the legislative process, serve on assigned committees and task forces, and fulfill any other assigned duties.” Overall, student senators will represent their various divisions and function as the voice of the students on the leadership of the ASG. 

Now that 12 vacant jobs in this new position are available, applications open on November 9 and close on November 22. The application also requires students to submit a cover letter, resume, and letter of recommendation, as well as answer four questions with 150 to 300 words. The Associated Student Government is looking for highly motivated, dedicated individuals who are looking to make a positive difference on campus. For more information about the job and the list of application requirements, visit the Associated Student Government Student Senate page or reach out to your leaders at ASG.