Bellevue baffled by Edmonds

Photo by Ryan Olson

With the fresh cut grass, white lines beaming and players cheering, it was time to play ball. On Saturday, April 28, the Bulldogs went up against the Edmonds Tritons in a double header. With the sun out, the perfect weather made for a great day at the ballpark. However, perfect is not the word to describe how the Bulldogs played, as they were swept by Edmonds. Number 99 Matt Cooper got the start on the mound in the first game for Bellevue. In the top of the second, an Edmonds hitter smashed a bomb to right-center field where number seven Marc Dickerson almost had an ESPN top ten worthy diving catch, but on impact with the ground the ball snuck loose, allowing the runner to make it to third with a triple. Cooper followed with a wild pitch in the dirt, which got by catcher Nick Lombardi, allowing the runner to score. Another base hit put Edmonds up 2-0 going into the top of the third. In the bottom of the fourth both Dustin Breshears and Colin Hering got two hits through the hole. With a runner on first and a runner on second, freshman Max Brown stepped to the plate and hit a ball to right field that scored Breshears and resulted in Hering being easily tagged out at the plate, a costly mistake, as Bellevue had few scoring opportunities in the game. Hits from again both Breshears and Hering in the bottom of the fifth, Bellevue got on the board. Entering the sixth, tied at two with two outs, pitcher Matt Cooper was taken out and number 21 Jonathan Humphrie came in for relief.

The relief wasn’t enough. Number ten Alex Ross in the bottom of the seventh with a runner on first hit the ball to the Edmonds shortstop Taylor Brennan, who guzzled it up, along with everything hit near him, and turned two for a double play. The Bulldogs lost 3-2 in the first game.

With morale running a little low, the players took the rakes and hoses to the field to prepare it for the second game. With the pinstripes all dirty and the field looking nice again, it was time for the second game. Bryan Burgher got the start for the Bulldogs. In the bottom of the first, number eight Nate Litka laid down a soft bunt, using his speed to get on base. Having a good first game at the plate Dustin Breshears lined a ball towards the shortstop, looking like it was going to get through for a base hit. But the line drive was caught by the Edmonds shortstop, Brennan, a shortstop that was actually drafted by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

To the top of the fourth they went. An Edmonds player creamed a ball over the centerfielder’s head that bounced off the wall for a double. With a runner on second, the next batter laid down a soft bunt to advance the runner to third. A blooper into right field scored the runner from third. Burgher then forced a groundball double play, turned by second basemen Breshears to end the fourth. The scoring spree would continue for the Tritons as the game went on into the next three innings. Edmonds ended up dominating the second game, resulting in a final score of 12-4. The Bulldogs are now 15-5 in league play and tied for first in the North Division with rival Everett