Bellevue women win softball game in five innings

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On Tuesday, April 29, the Bellevue College softball team faced off against their league rival, the Everett Community College Trojans in the first of a two-game series at home.
Going into the game, Bellevue and Everett held the second and third place positions in the league, respectively. With a sweep of the Trojans, the Bulldogs would be put in reach of first place in the league nearing the end of the season.

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The game remained scoreless for the first inning of play, and the first run came from a home run, hit by sophomore Erin Scott to put the Bulldogs up 1-0.
For the next few innings, Bellevue and Everett traded runs until it came to Bellevue’s batting order in the bottom of the fifth.

Holding a narrow 3-2 lead, Bellevue delivered a seven-run inning, ending the game due to the rule that prohibited a game from continuing if either team hit 10 runs in the first five innings. Due to this rule, the three-run homer hit by freshman Ali Roselli to put the Bulldogs up 10-2 wound up being a walk-off home run.


Sophomore Brooke Bonsen was the most valuable player, going all five innings allowing only one earned run and striking out eight batters.