Board of Trustees selects candidates

On Oct. 15, the Bellevue College Board of Trustees announced their final four presidential candidates. The search has come down to Dr. Ronald T. Brown, Dr. Terrence J. Burgess, Dr. Jack E. Daniels and Dr. David L. Rule.  The search for the appropriate leader has been extensive throughout the region and nation. Throughout this week, candidates will be connecting to the student body, faculty and the open public. As a Bulldog, students are encouraged to keep informed on the candidates who will be competing to represent the school and its needs.

This week, students will have the opportunity to attend exclusive forums for each candidate. Student forums are scheduled on Monday, Oct. 22 through Wednesday, Oct. 25 in D-106 from 12:45 to 1:45p.m. and on Thursday at the same time in C-130. The candidates will prepare a five to ten minute presentation, where they will have an opportunity to share important aspects of their experience, view of the position and their vision for higher education. Faisal Jaswal, the Director of Student Programs, mentioned, “It’s important for students to voice their choice as the college invites a new president to lead us.” Feedback offered by members of the audience will be given directly to the Board of Trustees to help them make a decision.

Another set of open forums will be held this week Monday-Thursday in the Carlson Theater at 3:30p.m. During presentations at the Carlson Theatre, candidates will address the faculty, staff and members of the community.

Candidates will be on campus in the following order. Dr. Ronald T. Brown on Monday, followed by Dr. David L. Rule, Dr. Jack E. Daniels, and Dr. Terrence J. Burgess separately on each following day.

“We would like all members of the campus and local community to take an active role during this very important moment in the history of Bellevue College,” said Cesar Portillo, the vice president of human resources.

Interim President Laura Saunders will be leaving her position when the Board of Trustees selects the permanent candidate. Back in August, Paul Chiles, chair of the Board of Trustees, shared with The Watchdog that the delay in selecting a president was due to the lack of consensus backing a single candidate with a unanimous vote.

Insight can be drawn from looking into the credentials and backgrounds of each potential president. Dr. Ronald T. Brown, who presented on Monday, has served as senior vice president for academic affairs at Wayne State University in Detroit,