Boys, boys, boys…I want you all

By Emma Sargeant.
To be with one person, then to exchange a kiss with another sounds a little off-kilter but excitingly free. The freedom to flaunt yourself to men without the guilt of betraying or disrespecting your significant-other is amazing to me. To defy the suppression of a commitment and to search for a booty-call is an ego trip to mars and back.
I really don’t think breaking the walls of monogamy is that wild, however it is a challenge. I am certainly curious to dip my toes into the polyamorous pond but am afraid of breaking the rules of respect. I am not seeking that huge ego trip of all the men loving me, but I have learnt at a certain point in the transition of being a child to growing to be an adult, there is no such thing as playing with the boys anymore, unless you take sex out of the equation.
It is a rule, but more so a fact, that boys and girls don’t mix, and in all naivety, I do not want to accept it. I have always been a friend of the boys but all of a sudden I am losing them when I turn down the opportunity for a different kind of playtime, sex. In all frustration of being left lonely because I didn’t want to cross the line of my monogamous relationship, I am naturally angry because since I don’t have a penis, apparently I can’t be considered a friend. All I have to offer is soft skin, lust, or the opportunity to claim some territory. I like men, I really do. I like their bodies and their attitudes. I particularly enjoy the company of a**holes who are a real challenge and push me out of my comfort-zone. They tend to be more interesting too, they are more passionate and can hold a conversation