Brighten up your life with origami flowers

Simple Origami Flowers to Make During Quarantine

With an unprecedented quarantine on our hands, staying inside and avoiding contact with others is essential to reduce the spread of infection across the world. Yet, the essential and life-saving lifestyle change has left many bored and at a loss for things to do. While killing time in quarantine, how about doing some crafts? Fun, pretty and easy to do while binging TV shows, these simple origami flowers can bring some color to your quarantine.

You will need:

  1. Sticky notes
  2. Glue


  1. Fold a sticky note in half along the diagonal, making a triangle.
  1. Fold the sticky note in half again.
  1. Fold one corner in towards the center, making an irregular trapezoid. For simplicity, try folding the side of the triangle that splits in two.
  1. Repeat five times, with different sticky notes. These will be your petals.
  1. Put glue on the folded corner of one of your petals.
  1. Glue two of the petals together, lining up the long edge of one of the petals with the glued section of the other.
  1. Repeat until all five petals are glued together. They will make an uneven line.
  1. Put glue on the last piece and bend the two ends toward each other, creating a cup-like shape. Hold the flower together with both hands until the glue dries and it stays together on its own.
  1. Take one of the petals and bend it around your finger or a pencil, away from the center of the flower.
  1. Repeat with all of the petals.
  1. Congrats! You’ve created an origami flower.

These flowers can be used in all sorts of ways. They can be glued or taped to lamps, drawers, and doors to spice them up. Pin them to your walls for fun decorations, or tape or glue several flowers to a string to make a paper flower crown. Why not give them a try? They’re pretty, straightforward and provide a bright spot of color to your life.