Choosing the right school that fits you

Written by: Kylah Ellison
Most people who decide to come to BCC are using their time here as a stepping-stone before they move on to a bigger university. Those who are looking to transfer to a four-year school have a big job ahead of them. It takes a lot of time and effort to search for and finally find the perfect place to spend the next few years of your life. While some people just look for the one school that might accept them, most spend hours upon hours researching schools, visiting them, and talking to representatives of that school. If you are someone looking to transfer, I would highly recommend not being one of the people in that first category. The school you are going to transfer to will be your new home for some time. If you choose a school based purely on where your friends are going, the aesthetics, the cost or how close or far away it is from home, you will most likely regret that choice in the long run. Instead, here are a few tips to make sure you end up exactly where you want to be. First off, never pick a school without visiting it at least once! Looking at pictures online or in a brochure can give you a basic idea of what the school looks like, but unless you physically set foot on the campus, you won’t know what the people are like or get the true feel of it. Secondly, never pick a school based off of where your friends are going. It may not be the right fit for you and then you’ll be stuck somewhere you really don’t want to be. Besides, college is supposed to be a time of branching out and meeting new people, so while goodbyes are hard, once you get settled into your new school and start meeting new people, you surely won’t regret it. Lastly, keep in mind that college is supposed to be a brand-new, eye-opening experience. If you are worried about homesickness, don’t be. You will get over it with time. Choose the school that you believe best suits you, no matter where it may be.