Club Profile: Photography Club

Photo courtesy of the BC Photography Club Facebook page.

The Photography Club at Bellevue College is a club of professional and amateur photographers that meet once a week to discuss the A to Z about photography.

The club conducts activities such as exhibitions, field trips and collaboration with other clubs to create events.

Student Programs named the Photography Club club of the year for the 2011-2012 period. The Photography Club is defunct for this summer quarter, but they will be back next fall with bigger and better events.

The club had previously conducted four successful exhibitions. The exhibitions showcased pictures that were taken by members. The Photography Club has also, being asked by other clubs and programs, taken pictures for events.

Membership in the Photography Club is open to everyone, according to Momoko Iwagami, the current club President. “You don’t have to have a single lens reflex camera, I mean big camera. You can use your digital camera,” added Iwagami. Students of any major are allowed to join the club as well.

The exhibitions that were held by the Photography Club at Bellevue College were also open to the public. The events were free and students were able to see the work that members did throughout the quarter.

The Photography Club has conducted successful exhibitions throughout the year. Iwagami claimed that she learned a great amount of teamwork from every exhibition.

At the latest exhibition, the club provided a photo booth where students had the chance to have their picture taken by a member from the club on a white background. The pictures were then posted and tagged on Facebook for students to check out.

Iwagami added that the exhibitions allowed students to know more about the club and get involved with the club. Being the newly elected president, Iwagami is positive that the club will have an even better year.

“I think this club is involved in campus more. I’m pretty sure we will have a lot of fun events for this year,” said Iwagami.

After being named club of the year last school year, Iwagami does not feel burdened or pressured to take on the leadership position and fill in the big shoes left by former Co-Presidents Joaquim Lei and Mark Orines. According to her, the club is getting bigger and members are helpful and trustworthy.

For each quarter, the club always tries to have a field trip to keep their members’ interest. The club also sometimes conducts   friendly photography competitions among the members to keep them motivated to come to the meetings.

Iwagami hopes that students enjoy their college lives and take pictures and capture each memorable moment. Iwagami wants to assist members in having an unforgettable college experience.

As the new president of the Photography Club, her goal is to be a trustful president and learn more about taking pictures. If there are any changes that she wants to make for the club, they will be discussed with the other members.

To learn more about the Bellevue College Photography Club, students can e-mail Momoko Iwagami at: or check out their Facebook page at: