Computers are worth it

ASG logoThe Technology Advisory Fee committee met on Wednesday, Jan. 13 to approve budget requests. According to the BC website, “the technology fee is used to pay a portion of the direct cost of supporting and replacing computers used by students. Direct costs include hardware and software, lab support, technical support, repairs, maintenance and computer supplies, such as paper and print cartridges.”

The committee first went over the budget. Agnes Figueroa, Director of Computing Services, broke down the budget, separating expenses from revenue and so on.

Figueroa explained that the projected revenue from the fee for this year is expected to reach over $1 million. After subtracting all of the expenses, $20,000 to $25,000 should be available to purchase new equipment.

The committee considered a budget request from student programs for $11,390. 

The money would go toward the purchase of two projectors and two smart boards. The projectors and boards would be set up in two rooms used by different clubs and programs for meetings and events.

After a brief discussion, the committee approved the funding request.

Student programs also requested $3274.10 to purchase netbooks that would be available for student rental through the student programs office.

The netbooks would be loaned to students who need off campus access to the Internet for club purposes.

Student government president, Joseph Root, stated that the netbooks were an inexpensive way of increasing the resources available to students.

The motion to approve the netbook funding request carried.

North Campus requested $35,893.70, and then amended the request to $35393.07.

The money would help the campus purchase necessary software and hardware updates.

The committee approved the request only after tabling the portion relating to funding for furniture; i.e., laptop tables and instructor podiums.

North Campus was allocated $11, 193. Unlike the other funding requests, the money allocated to North Campus does not come from the STF budget.

A funding request for lab extensions for rooms A132 and A134 followed the North Campus proposal.

The two classrooms are used for business classes requiring computers. Due to an increase in enrollment, there has been a request to increase the capacity in both rooms.

A132 would increase its capacity from 28 students to 30, and A134 would increase its capacity to 40.

The total amount requested was $8404. The committee approved the funding request.

The last item on the agenda was a request from the Office of Student Legislative Affairs.

OSLA requested $2000 for two computers, two monitors, and one netbook. However, the committee amended the request from $2000 to $327.41 because of confusion concerning whether the requested amount would go toward two new computers or one new computer and an upgrade.

The committee approved funding for the netbook, and tabled the other pieces of the request.

The committee adjourned their meeting quickly thereafter.

However, the requests approved by the committee also had to be approved by the Board of Directors. Therefore, during their weekly board meeting, ASG added the committee’s recommendations to their agenda.

After discussing the funding requests approved by the committee, ASG unanimously approved each of the recommendations.