Consider joining choir: “Do you hear the people sing?”

lesmis_moulin_rougeThose who pass by the Bellevue College’s A building may have noticed the two, lit up window displays of scenes from Moulin Rouge and Les Miserables. The exhibited art was not only curated to display famous musicals, but to encourage student participation in the choir’s spring concert, which will feature music from both of these classic musicals.

Instructors are planning on staging and even costuming well-known numbers from both of these productions. Due to the theatrical release of Les Miserables last Christmas, awareness of the musical and eagerness to participate is at it’s peak.

Music has a huge influence in almost everyone’s daily life and culture. “The more one understands and participates in the process of music, the more one appreciates and enjoys it,” said Lyle Forde, a music instructor at BC.

When a person is questioned why they like a particular song, they may not be to explain further than ‘I just like it.’ Forde elaborated on enjoyable musical components, which include “tangible qualities, including harmony, melody, lyrics, rhythm, chord structure and progressions,” he said. The BC Concert and Jazz choirs have curriculums that open this understanding and further one’s appreciation for what they hear.

Campuses with a large variety of activities for students are more desirable than other institutions. Participation in sports events, clubs, drama, music and clubs have the can enrich a student’s experience at BC.

The choir has openings for all voice categories, including soprano, alto, tenor and bass. Both choirs have opportunities for instrumentalists on piano, synthesizer, guitar, drums and bass.

Students are invited to sign up for choir, but those with limited music background should email or meet with the director for admission to the group. The choir is comprised of students of various levels of musical skill, but the director can easily determine if students will meet the class expectations.

Choir meets daily from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. for one to three academic credits.

“Participation with music is a life long activity that makes life more pleasant, whether singing, playing an instrument, or as an educated listener,” said Forde. BC has many academic offerings in the arts, encouraging a well-balanced approach to education. In closing, Forde said “the Fine and Performing Arts staff is of high caliper, both as educators and as professionals in their fields. As an instructor here at Bellevue College, I encourage all students to include arts in their education. Singing musical selections from Les Miserables is just one of these opportunities.”