Mount St. Helens Controversy

July 28, 2011 0

Mount St. Helens, one of Washington’s most famous mountains, is currently at the heart of a legal controversy between an environment protection group and a mineral drilling company. The drilling […]

Law well-intended, but useless

July 23, 2011 0

The Supreme Court recently struck down California’s law banning minors from purchasing violent video games. They were right to do so, because the law is inherently flawed. It is true […]

Sigi Schmid extended through 2015

July 21, 2011 0

The recent run of success for Seattle Sounders FC has earned their head coach an extention. Sigi Schmid, who has been Seattle’s head coach since 2009, will now be with […]

Mariners trotting out two potential ROTYs

July 21, 2011 0

After almost a decade of watching the Mariners struggle with turning their farm system prospects into productive major league players, the rebuilding finally seems to be paying off. The Mariners […]

Cascadian Futility

July 21, 2011 0

1979 was the year that the Seattle Supersonics (RIP) won their first NBA championship. 1979 was the year the Vancouver Whitecaps of the North American Soccer League got a parade […]

Qwest Field Becomes “The Clink”

July 21, 2011 0

The long-expected transition for Seattle’s largest sports stadium has finally come to pass. Qwest Field, in keeping with its corporate namesake, has become CenturyLink Field. The company also extended the […]

Dave Matthews: Seattlite

July 21, 2011 0

Cobain, Kenny G, Hendrix, Terry Brooks. Seattle’s talented spawn. This city is a breeding ground for artists and thinkers, critics and activists. Yet we also gain transplants like Dave Matthews. […]

Yogurtland: Seattle Delight

July 20, 2011 0

It’s early July in the upper 70s in Seattle. Boats are out on Lake Washington, tank tops, shorts and flip flops seem to be the clothing of choice for most […]

Draft doles out NBA rookies as lockout looms

July 18, 2011 0

Tomorrow’s biggest booms (and busts) of the hardwood were the center of attention Thursday June 23 as the 2011 NBA Draft was broadcast live on ESPN. Arizona’s Derrick Williams, Connecticut’s […]

King’s Court, a Royal Success

July 16, 2011 0

Besides a renaissance fair, the only other place today where you might find grown men and women dressed up as court jesters and passing around a turkey leg is the […]

Regular soda vs Diet soda

July 14, 2011 0

Regular soda or diet soda; which one? This is something that I’ve always asked myself, I love Coke but can never decide which to get, regular or diet. Diet soda […]

Summer in Seattle

July 14, 2011 0

Explore the Evergreen Tic tock, tic tock. Last question. Answer C. A loud zipper meets silence broken by joy and relief. Free at last! Twelve weeks, six textbooks, a handful […]

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