Debate team pleads their case

ASG Logo (SOURCE: BC ASG)Following recent success at the First Greater Portland Tournament at Lower Columbia College, Bellevue College’s Debate Team met with the Associated Student Government (ASG) during the ASG’s weekly meeting to request funding for a trip to a tournament at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon on November 20, 21 and 22.

The Debate Team, which was chartered during summer quarter, has seen a substantial amount of success and recognition.

During the ASG meeting, representatives from the Debate Club requested a total of $1,704 to help accommodate six teams made up of 12 people.

Before attending the meeting, the Debate Club held a bake sale to help fundraise for the trip and hopes to sell sweatshirts in order to raise more money.

Members also agreed to pay $50 out of pocket to meet the price of the trip.

Members of the ASG addressed the importance of the tournament but also stated concerns about the trip.

Carolyn DeWitt, Environmental and Social Responsibility Representative, especially had concerns over being fair to other clubs who have requested funding from the ASG.  

“We give a lot of money to the Debate Club for these trips. I don’t want to be unfair to the other clubs,” said DeWitt.

Other ASG members shared Dewitt’s concerns.

“We can’t fund all of [the Debate Team’s trips] throughout the year,” said Andres Munt, ASG Clubs and Programs Representative, in an effort to clarify DeWitt’s point.

After further discussion, the ASG amended the funding request from $1,704 to $1,464.

The cut in funding would mean that the members of the Debate Team would have to pay more out of pocket.

Representatives from the Debate Team expressed that many of the members wouldn’t be able to attend the tournament if they had to pay more.

The ASG finally voted to fund the Debate Team $1,464.

Also at the meeting were representatives from International Talk Time (ITT) who requested $300 to help purchase food for a Thanksgiving dinner the club is planning for November 22. The money would also go toward advertising for the dinner.

The ASG approved ITT’s funding request and adjourned the meeting quickly after.