Double Feature IDS course : “History of Film and Music”

film_and_musicInterdisciplinary Studies courses are best catered to those who like to study topics in depth and integrate diverse ideas in an extensive curriculum. The types of IDS courses vary each quarter, making a huge selection of block courses available throughout a student’s duration at BC.   Instructors Ron Austin and Brian Cobb are joining efforts to create an engaging IDS course called “Double Feature: History of Film and Music” IDS course.  Movies with powerful music are ingrained in the viewer’s memory, as well as musical pieces that are accompanied with great visual works of art. Incorporating more physical senses in the learning process improves overall retention of material

The film industry is a time and money business. Those who are enlisted in production teams have little time to train on the job. Those who know their craft to the intricate detail and who can take responsibility for production changes will determine the success of a film. Training demands proper usage of video equipment, knowledge of professional film principals and an understanding how a production comes together and how each job affects the others.

Great musical choices must be made to convey the emotions and maintain the fluidity of a film. The opening credits of “Star Wars,” the murderous shower scene from “Psycho” and the exponential tension of “Inception” all combine visual images with musical sound to create excitement and horror. This IDS class will focus on the history of film & music and its impact on the audience.

Carly Worden has taken music classes in theory, composition and audio engineering at BC. “It looks like an entertaining and informative class. I like to classes that are fun and that really catch my interest. I can take information I learn in the classroom and use it in my career,” she said. Worden is pursuing her career in film composition and has thus found this IDS class an appropriate choice for her.

When searching for an elective, it is important to select classes that will be engaging and useful. “This class is not only relatable to students, but everyone experiences compositions and films. Having a strong connection with pop culture will be relatable material for students. It’s important to have a knowledge of every genre of music,” said Worden.

Worden looks for electives where “you can learn something about something you didn’t realize was important. If you don’t recognize the power, you are missing a huge aspect of what you love,” she said.

Some students may shy away from 10 credits of electives, but the experience of the class is worth creating for those who want to learn more about the music and film industry. Register for the class on the BC website to earn 10 credits from CMST 120 or CMST 297 and MUSC& 105 or MUSC 118.