Employee caught stealing equipment

By Elizabeth Ballinger.
A BCC employee was arrested on campus at 5:31 am, December 9, for incidents of theft spanning the last several monthes. The suspect, who was caught in the act of stealing electronic equipment, cooperated with police in the recovery of several stolen items. While only one suspect has been reported by the Bellevue Police Department as responsible for the multiple thefts, an investigation into the incident is in progress and the name of the suspect will not be revealed until after the investigation has culminated.”Based on the frequency, sophistication, and apparent internal nature of the thefts,” said Laura Saunders, VP of Administrative Services at BCC, in a recent press release, the incidents warranted “an expansion and inclusion of community resources.” The suspect was apprehended following a joint investigation, in which the Bellevue Police Department included BCC Public Safety and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.