Ezell’s kicks off Summer Quarter Food Truck Day at BC

BC hosted a food truck event that was organized by the Food Service Department of the Event Center and advertised by the Student Programs. The day was more of a treat than an event considering there was only one truck, but that truck was from the one and only Ezell’s Famous Chicken. They sold chicken wings and chicken strips, a variety of dipping sauces, and a selection of PepsiCo beverages. Buying a whole meal was less than $20, and both cash and card were accepted.

A chicken strip combo with barbeque sauce and a beverage totaled up to $13. The crispy strips had plenty of fried batter, and they were sided with crinkle cut fries and two small rolls of bread.

There were not many people on campus to benefit from the service, but there was always a student or a uniformed veteran waiting to buy a hot meal.

The three employees in the truck worked quickly and the wait time was no more than five minutes. They handed out napkins with the meal, which is a nice touch for those of us who are messy and forgetful.

The brightly colored truck operated from 10am to 2pm and was parked right outside of the C building, between the student café and the art classrooms.

The afternoon was a refreshing change from this summer’s disappointing weather. It was the perfect day to sit outside with friends and either study or just take a break.