Fantasy football: get in the game

There are easy ways to spot a football fan on campus. If they are wearing a jersey, talking about football or throwing a football around, they are most likely a fan. However, there is one thing that fans do that one might not be able to see playing fantasy football. Fantasy football is a game where people make fake rosters from existing National Football League players and use their actual game stats to gain points and go against opponents. It is a fun and usually free way for fans to connect with each other using one of their favorite sports. This is also the case with some Bellevue College students. Students across campus have been playing fantasy football with friends and other students. There is a group of friends on campus that get together and play the game with each other and go head-to-head. Drew Yae is a student at BC and also the founder of his fantasy football group. “I was just doing it for fun, I have been doing it for a long time with family, and I was like I want to do it with my friends at BC. So I just started a fantasy football league.” Drew has been playing for about six years and now spread his love of the game with his friends on campus.

However, you do not need to be a veteran of the game in order to be successful. Student Chris Langely joined Drew’s league this year as a rookie to the game and is having fun learning the game, “I would highly recommend this for others… You definitely get better at knowing football stats because before I did this, I did not know much about football and ever since I have tried this, I have learned a lot more about football,” said Langely. The game is great for both beginners and veterans alike because people can learn a lot about professional football, just from playing a game. Fantasy football is a fun and addictive game that has brought fans together from their love of football. There are plenty of rookies and experts, but all of them can have fun playing, “To get a feel for the game it could take one year if you are really into it, but it could take two or three if you are not really into it” said Yae. There is a possibility of making a fantasy football club at BC, but for now students are doing it in smaller groups of friends.