Finding “cool” classes for winter quarter

With students up to their elbows in preparation for final exams, many have not yet selected classes for winter quarter. Scrambling for seats in new or popular classes can be unpleasant. Delaying registration may end in an anxious surveillance of the waitlist status. There are plenty of resources at Bellevue College that can help students make final decisions. This week may be the last chance to ask advisors which classes are the right steps forward for everyone.

Students have the chance to expand use of artistic mediums this coming quarter.  The Art Department will be offering Printmaking 1 & 2 in winter quarter. Linda Thomas, the instructor of these courses, said, “it’s particularly fun for students to work together with other students in the printshop on problem solving and learning to use new tools and the presses.” Students also learn about design, composition, using color and communication through art. Students have the option of handprinting or using the press to make many copies of one drawing or other artwork.

Astronomy classes are filling up quickly and some even have waitlists already. Running start student Stephanie Schock commented on the class. “[it] takes place in the planetarium, which is one of the coolest parts about it. Plus, you get to see shows that take you zooming through the universe and it feels like you’re really there. Academic-wise, there are 3 midterms and a final, with only a few relatively easy assignments in between,” she said. Schock further recommended that those interested in the class should be prepared to pay close attention and take good notes. Missing a few days of notes is hard to make up. “It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve learned so much about so many interesting things: everything from how black holes work to mythology to the theory of relativity and so much more. Take it if you can,” said Schock.

The Continuing Education Program will be providing a variety of sessions for occupation training next quarter, one of which is “Stay Self-Motivated: 12 Keys.” The course designed to create a drive that doesn’t push students over the edge, emphasizing that true motivation isn’t just for special occasions. “Professional Bartending,” “Beginning Guitar,” and “Sudden Fiction” are also being offered as part of the Continuing Education managed courses.

Taking an interdisciplinary studies course can be great way to incorporate many ideas and earn a lot of credits. For winter quarter INTER 110 “Sex, Science, and the Stage” will be offered for a total of 11 credits. This satisfies a lab science and humanities credits. INTER 125 “The Pursuit of Happiness: The Politics & Economics of Well-Being” is offered for 10 credits. The course will explore what scientists and economists have discovered about happiness and how to find it. INTER 115 “Bite Me 2.0:Food Security and Sustainability” focuses on behaviors, choices, responsibilities and consequences of actions to communities, the nation and the entire globe by investigating ecosystem interconnections.

Students are encouraged to find interesting courses that will enrich their education. What will you be focusing on in winter quarter? Make an appointment for a consultation with an academic advisor in the Student Services Building. To begin registration, visit the online services on the BC website,