Food Truck day was a delicious success

On Wednesday, April 17, Bellevue College hosted its first Food Truck Day at the Student Union Courtyard from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Three popular vendors came: Ezell’s Chicken, Taqueria Los Chilangos, and Sam Choy’s Poké to the Max. Cash and credit cards were accepted. According to food truck vendors, the three food trucks served many people in four hours during the event, and it was an absolute success.

People started lining up for food right after the food trucks came. The lines were long, especially during class breaks.

Jim Sisko, a BC faculty member in the music department, is one of the people who made this event happen. Sisko said, “A few other faculty members and I worked with administration, and we just wanted to revisit the concept of what food and life is on campus. We partner with associated student groups to advocate for more varieties and options for students, and create an environment that makes this community more welcoming because having these food trucks here got people talking and hanging out…It is one of the things we have been pushing for for a while, and we want to make sure it is something that happens more often from a community perspective.” Sisko also mentioned that administration ultimately supported this idea of having food trucks on campus because people really pushed for it.

Many students and staff, including Sisko himself, came and bought food from the food trucks, and they were happy to see more food options available on campus.

Efraim Grebnev, a student who bought food from Sam Choy’s Poké to the Max said, “The food smells great, and I love some good food after class and before I go home. Usually I do not feel like going to the cafeteria for food, and having food trucks is very convenient, so I could walk out and buy food.” Grebnev would like to see more food trucks come back on campus in the future.

Minh Doan, a student who bought food from Ezell’s Chicken said, “This is better than the fried chicken in the cafeteria without a doubt.” Doan joked he will quit college if the food trucks do not come back in the future.

James Livingston, a computer science instructor, said, “Taqueria Los Chilangos brought me to the event today. The event brought more people out in this community.” Livingston usually has lunch on campus, and he buys food such as sandwiches and soup from the cafeteria. “I advertised this in my class for a week, and I hope the food trucks to come back again.” said Livingston.

Anie Arenas, vendor from Taqueria Los Chilangos stated, “We serve authentic Mexican food, and today was very successful. We ended up selling completely out of food to around 280 people, and we will be better prepared next time.” Arenas appreciated the BC community for supporting Taqueria Los Chilangos. “We know students get tired of the same old school food, so we want to support them and the school.” Arenas said that she would like to come back again.

Co-owner of Ezell’s Chicken food truck, Jennifer Stephens, said, “Today’s event went incredible, and I think we brought a lot of chicken out to people who had never experienced it. It is awesome to be on the college campus to bring more varieties for students,” then added, “Absolutely, we would like to come back again.”