Girl Scouts supports trans* rights

With Bruce Jenners’ transition into becoming a woman, the transgender community was shoved into the spotlight. With television shows like “Orange is the New Black” and “Glee,” people have been able to get a feel for what life is like as a transgender adult, but what about children?

Since 2011, The Girl Scouts of America has formally adopted the stance that they would always welcome and support a child if they live culturally as a girl.

In an LA Times article Stefanie Ellis, the public relations director of the Western Washington Girl Scouts Council said, “We’re an organization dedicated to helping all girls become the best version of themselves and we don’t want any barriers in place for their success.”

So, when a $100,000 check to the Girl Scouts of Western Washington was sent to them, which is enough to send 500 girls to summer camp, the stipulation attached to it became a major barrier.
The anonymous donor stated in a letter: “Please guarantee that our gift will not be used to support transgender girls. If you can’t, please return the money.” The money was returned.

Since the Girl Scouts of America was founded 103 years ago they have always embraced girls without regard to their race and ethnicity. Rejecting a little girl based on their gender identity is also out of the question.

If a child identifies as a female she should have the right to be in a summer camp like the girl scouts with other females. Putting the child with the sexual orientation she feels comfortable in encourages confidence and character.

Citizens against the Girl Scouts of America’s decision were irate. Comments left on numerous articles written about this controversy left me wondering how people like this still existed in the country. One comment read, “people need to stop backing these organizations until they go back to the morals they were founded on and taught… and get rid of this sick crap they’re teaching now.”

Sick crap, was the term used to describe a transgender child. A child that is not hurting anyone or forcing anyone else to become transgender, but simply wants to go to camp with the sex that she feels most comfortable with.

Megan Ferland, CEO of the Girls Scouts of Western Washington turned to, a crowd funding website, in hopes of replacing the money that was returned.
Her campaign, Girl Scouts is #ForEVERYGirl not only raised back the 100,000 dollars but raised, as of writing, an additional $231,154, totaling $331,154. 6,986 people helped raised this amount in nine days.

On the campaign website Girl Scouts of Western Washington showed their gratitude, “Thank you for standing up #ForEveryGirl. So far, you’ve made sure that more than 1,500 girls can join a troop, go to camp and participate in a multitude of life-changing Girl Scout experiences. We are incredibly humbled and thrilled to see so many people from across the globe support this campaign.”

The fact that people from all over the United States answered and are still answering to this campaign in such a positive way is amazing. As a nation built on a foundation that is supposed to give its people freedom, we should be lifting these girls up instead of tearing their spirits down.

As the Girls Scouts of Western Washington declared, “every girl in our region – regardless of her race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity or geographic location – is empowered to unleash her potential, build her future and transform her world.”

To join the campaign and donate to the cause visit and search for Girl Scouts of Western Washington.