Hiking is the best form of exercise

In the recent weeks, I have fallen completely in love with weekend hikes, so much so that I decided it was about time to trade my Nike Free Runs out for a pair of trail runners with better tread. Nevertheless, finding a new hiking destination has become a weekly habit for me and grown to be something that I look forward to every weekend, which is odd because I’m normally someone who absolutely detests and avoids working out at all costs.

I normally hate working out mostly because it’s boring and repetitive. Not to mention, being stuck in a stuffy gym with people who may or may not be judging you just doesn’t sound very appealing. In the end, working out at the gym just seems like a chore that everyone is supposed to do; something that most people, including myself, don’t particularly enjoy but know they should do. I am aware that there is the rare individual who somehow enjoys this environment, and whether it’s that they enjoy the results they see more than the actual act of going to the gym, I personally just don’t quite understand that. But, to each their own.

The reason I love hiking so much is because it’s not the same mind-numbing repetition you would experience in the typical gym. With hiking you have the chance to get out and explore the world while also getting a really good workout. And the great thing about living in the Pacific Northwest is that there are so many hiking options within the area. It’s so easy to take advantage of these locations and also never get bored with walking the same trail too many times.

Hiking is also a great activity to do with friends, family and pets. A huge plus is that most of the time it is completely free as long as a parking permit isn’t required. Even then, the passes are relatively inexpensive when buying a yearly pass. Hiking with others is a great alternative to catching up with friends over a meal or other activity which will most likely cost a lot more and not be nearly as beneficial to your health.

Being in a different environment with people I enjoy ends up being a really great distraction from the workout itself. I find that for myself personally, having some sort of distraction or enjoying what I’m doing is the only way I can get through a workout happily.

It’s really important to find some sort of physical activity that is enjoyable. For myself, gym workouts aren’t something that I will readily find the time for because I don’t particularly enjoy doing them. On the other hand, because hiking is really just something fun to do in the end, I am more willing to find a way to incorporate it into my schedule.