International Night at BC celebrates student diversity

On Friday, May 10, from 6:30 – 9:30 p.m., the International Student Association at BC hosted its annual International Night at Carlson Theater. This event was a must-go culture fest that featured performances, activities and food in different cultures.

ISA coordinator, volunteers, Office of International Education Global Leaders and advisors began planning this year’s International Night in early March to put this incredible event together. “It is a call for students to explore the world without even leaving the campus. Our goal was to remind students that sometimes all we need to do is to look up to the sky because our cultures and traditions are all connected just like stars,” said Jerry Yaroslav, one of the Global Leaders who dedicated much effort to International Night.

International Night started at 6:00 p.m. with various kinds of food catered by outside establishments. Volunteers and staff set up round tables in front of the E building where participants could socialize and enjoy a dinner under the sky.

ISA invited the BC cheer squad, BC jazz music students, a henna art booth and a fire dancer to perform and interact with participants while having dinner before the show started in Carlson Theater at 7:30 p.m. ISA also invited outside performers to the event as well as BC student performers who offered the audience a night of outstanding cultural experiences.

BC President Jerry Weber said at the event, “I am attending this event because I think it is one of the great cultural events, and we do many of those. I did not get a chance to go to the International Night last year, so I am excited to see a variety of performances that show those various cultures we have on campus.” Dr. Weber thinks everyone who attended International Night would have a chance to see, including himself, the various cultures on our campus, the variety of international students and what they bring to the community.

Shreya Thuse, an Indian classical dancer at the event said, “We are here to perform an Indian classical dance, which is about a warrior princess who falls in love with a well-known character in Indian mythology.”

Remy Jones, a second-year student at Bellevue College who is a part of the Chinese fan dance at Bellevue College dance company performed at the International Night, said, “We have red and white costumes, and it is a kungfu inspired dance. It goes to some fast traditional Chinese music, and we use the fans as sort of weapons in our chance.”

A former UW student who has two degrees in music, Denná Francesca, performed a classic Persian song at the event. “Bradley [OIE Assistant Director] met me at UW when I was performing at a culture fest. He invited me to perform here, and I love the community here. That is why I am here performing today,” Francesca said. She likes to get opportunities to perform something from her culture.

International Night is one of the iconic events that ISA hosts. ISA also hosts events like the Halloween Dance, Lunar New Year celebration and many more to bring students together and embrace different cultures. Currently, the application for the 2019-2020 ISA coordinator position is open. Students who have strong leadership skills and want to promote diversity and social connections are welcome to apply in Student Programs. Online applications can be found here at

Photograph by Penny Yeh, The Watchdog