ISA prepares for International Night

On April 27, 2013, from 6-10 p.m. the International Student Association is putting on their annual International Night which will be held in the Champions Centre.

This year the ISA’s theme for the event is “ a journey without borders” which means it is going to give students who attend the event to understand the meaning of being unified.

Students can expect wonderful cultural experiences from around the world with food from all around the world. This year the event will not be doing a big festive dinner, but will have appetizers, with an array of different foods. Students can expect to get a taste of food from around the world.

At this cultural event there will also be professional and student performers from countries such as Ukraine, Brazil, Indonesia and many more. This will be the thirty-first International Night. The point of International Night is to show students that Bellevue College is a welcoming and flourishing place of diversity.

Kristianto, president of ISA is excited and anticipates the outcome of the event will give students an opportunity to experience a culture different from their own. Tickets are available in the PAL Center.