Jordan Peele’s “Us” shows he’s not a one-hit wonder

“Us” is Jordan Peele’s second motion picture, a successor to his previous title, “Get Out.”

Peele’s previous movie, “Get Out,” was largely commentary on modern day racism in America. “Us” contains a handful of similar themes and metaphors from “Get Out,” but they are more subtle behind the predominately horror themed plot.

I didn’t realize how much I truly enjoyed this movie until I began to talk to my friends about it for an hour after the movie, standing right outside of the theater, being in awe at what we had just witnessed. The next day I watched it a second time, and a third time a few days later.

The first two times I watched the movie I paid attention to the plot, as I dissected every clue, and every piece of symbolism Peele hid inside this movie. The third time around, I paid attention to the soundtrack only.

The soundtrack was composed by Michael Abels, who composed the “Get Out” score as well. Abels’ music was what made the trailer so enticing for me, and I was glad to see that the quality did not fall as the movie rolled on. Each song of the soundtrack adds a sense of uneasiness and tells the audience what we need to know about the story, without it being too noticeable.

The acting in this movie is another marvel. Lupita Nyong’o plays the two main characters and plays them so well it feels as if they’re being played by two different people. Another person whose performance really stood out was Shahadi Wright Joseph, who also played two different characters. Joseph is Thirteen years old and exhibits extreme talent in acting, as her two characters feel distinct and both stand out in the movie.

Peele built upon his skills that he developed creating “Get Out,” as he proved that he’s far from a one-hit wonder. “Us” is a movie that can be enjoyed by horror fans and non-horror fans alike. Its visuals are beautiful and disturbing to watch, its plot gives a lot to digest, the acting is superb, and its soundtrack is gorgeous.

“Us” is a movie you should watch as soon as you can, as you do not want this movie to be spoiled for you.

“Us” exceeded my admittedly high expectations and left me with engaging conversations afterward. “Us” is already a classic, and a must see for anybody that appreciates good horror.