Lackluster presidential candidates this year

I am very disappointed in my options for the United States President this year. Some have wild and extreme political views and others are completely unqualified for politics whatsoever.

Hillary Clinton seems overly suspicious as a politician. Her campaign funding comes from large companies. She openly endorses the fossil fuel industry with obvious interest in gaining their support during an elected term.

Maybe she is playing the political game correctly by making alliances with the major economic powers within this society, but I feel that the vision and revision of a government structure should be independent from corporate interests. I also don’t like how she denounces other candidates like Donald Trump. Discrediting others does not make one’s own argument any more valid.

I don’t agree with Clinton’s support for the continued use of fossil fuels. Using coal for energy is massively inefficient for the amount of pollution is makes. Furthermore, there are serious health risks with mining coal such as black lung or cave-ins. These issues are still common and real in the United States. This country is only going to increase its energy consumption and our fossil fuels are either going to deplete or severely damage our ecosystem.

I don’t have a lot of qualms with Bernie Sanders’ ideals. His advocating for the rights of women and minorities is admirable and just and I am all for providing free education for the citizens of every nation but I have disagreements with how he wants to implement his visions.

Sanders wants to make a $1 trillion plan in order to improve the decaying infrastructure of our society. If he wants to spend so much money on the rebuilding of our infrastructure, it may be worth automating our construction process. Funding robotic technology would give many people the free time to study and solve other problems within our society. By making the workforce efficient, it would improve our quality of life.

I’m amazed that Trump is the primary choice for the Republican Party right now because of his utter lack of experience in politics. The people pulling the strings behind his political campaign were geniuses because he amassed a large number of supporters that think he is presidential material. My political experience composed of city hall attendances, voting at my local elections and voting for my presidential elections are comparable to Trump’s.

Furthermore, Trump has little to no knowledge of countries outside of the ones he has had direct business with. I doubt he could differentiate between a Sunni and a Shia Muslim when it’s directly related to the Islamic State’s acts of terrorism and our military presence in the countries surrounding the Arabian Sea. Surprisingly, Trump is the only one that supports nuclear energy, which I believe is massively misunderstood within this society. People are too afraid of a few engineering flukes made in factories when the ecological disasters made by oil in the Gulf of Mexico and acid rain from the smoke stacks of factories are far more significant.

The presidential candidates make many political promises but no solutions to social issues in this nation, which I find unimpressive. Anybody can take money and promise to do something with it.

Maybe I should just become president myself. I’m not yet old enough but that can be avoided with some legal loopholes. The Supreme Court decreed that corporations have the same rights as people. If a legal person must be 35 years of age and must be born in the United States in order to be president, I could buy some bankrupt limited liability corporation and become the CEO.

If that corporation got elected, I could become the president of the United States and truly make this country the oligarchy it was meant to be.