Lawsuit raised against BC has reached settlement

In late 2018, former Assistant Dean of Student Programs, Faisal Jaswal, was accused of sexually assaulting his assistant for six years. His assistant, who has remained unnamed, sued Bellevue College in August of 2018 claiming that the school and Washington State attributed to a hostile work environment. Allegedly Jaswal stalked, manipulated and abused his former assistant since October of 2010.  According to the lawsuit, the assistant had a mental disability which made her more susceptible to the abuse. Before his assistant came forward, her co-workers came together in 2014-2015 and told Bellevue College authorities that they were concerned Jaswal was taking advantage of her. Other employees also came forward and claimed that he had sexually harassed other students and employees. As soon as Jaswal’s assistant came forward with the allegations in August 2016, two more allegations from other people came out.

On November 26, Dr. Jerry Weber sent out an email notifying the school that “a settlement has been reached between the College and the plaintiff who filed a sexual harassment lawsuit earlier this year. The college agreed to an early resolution of the claim in order to avoid lengthy and expensive litigation. This has been a difficult and painful chapter in the college’s history. The lawsuit and related media coverage have deeply affected our college community. Sexual violence, harassment, or the misuse of power, is devastating to victims, families, and communities. Bellevue College is moving forward and strengthening existing measures to ensure that students, faculty, and staff have a safe and positive environment. The College has completed a comprehensive overhaul of anti-discrimination policies and procedures. Next, we will be expanding our existing training for students, faculty, and staff on prevention and intervention.”

The Watchdog will publish more about this story as specific details about the settlement come to light.