Letter to the Editor: White Privilege

I’m not a college student at Bellevue College, and after reading Chris Robertson’s blithely offensive take on white privilege, I’m glad I don’t go there if THIS is the sort of person who’s allowed to have a regular column. It’s just as well that Chris Robertson is relegated to the Opinions column, because all his/her drivel is based on a pitiful lack of any real understanding (academic or empathic) about the very real problems that people of color face and why white privilege is something that actually exists. In fact, I even wonder if Chris Robertson bothered to do any research on this deep and storied subject, but then again s/he wouldn’t have to–because this is his/her opinion. And opinions, as we all know, can be wrong. A pity, because it appears that Chris Robertson does at least a BIT of research on other subjects.

I urge you to reconsider your choice of contributor, because this one paints your paper and the college in an unfavorable light–particularly considering what I’ve heard from PoC students and faculty on your campus.