Library provides resources for students, community

By Hannah Ander and Kaitlin Strohschien

The BCC Library Media Center owns 47,525 volumes of printed books, 3,024 items of media materials and subscribes to 400 titles of print periodicals. The library’s web site licenses to over 35,000 e-journal titles and 8,000 e-books.

“In terms of resources, the library strives to meet the needs of the curriculum at BCC,” said Hu.

Students and faculty can both study information while visiting the library, and checkout books, magazines, pamphlets, maps, annual reports, audio cassettes, CDs, and phonograph recordings from it. Laptops are available for day use only and must be turned in by the Media Center closing time.

The library provides additional resources and assistance for students with disabilities. One of the library’s workstations, which has access to library catalogs, indexes, databases, and the internet, was designed for students in wheelchairs.

A large print reader, for sight impaired students, which is wheelchair accessible, is available at the Library’s Media Center.

Back issues of various periodicals on can be read with the Media Center’s Microform Reader. The Media Center provides issues of Newsweek from 1949, the New York Times from 1851, and Time Magazine from 1969.

Hard copies of the microforms may be purchased for 10