Local Science Internships to Apply to This Summer

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Photo by Scott Graham from Unsplash.

As we slowly transition into Spring quarter, more and more internship deadlines are coming to a close. But there are still plenty available! Internships are a great way to help you develop professionally and learn more about the career that you intend to go into. For Running Start students intending to transfer to 4-year colleges and universities, internships can be a way of demonstrating your commitment and work ethic. But it’s also great for anybody wanting to show commitment and gain work experience. 

Internships come in all kinds of flavors. Some are paid, some are not. Some are full-time and some are part-time. Some internships might be only for a short period of time, like summer, while others are more long-term. The internships that are paid might pay by the hour or by stipend. It’s important to keep these things in mind when you’re searching for an internship so that you can apply to the ones that best fit your needs, interests, calendar and situation. 

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, based in Seattle, offers both high school and undergraduate internship programs. The high school one is also known as SHIP, which is an eight-week full-time scholarship in which you’d be trained in laboratory safety and immersed in mentored activities in a Fred Hutch research group. This internship is geared towards students who come from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in health sciences. Applications are due March 31 and are limited to rising high school seniors. However, keep in mind that references are also a required part of the application and references should be asked preferably two weeks in advance. 

The undergraduate internship is the Infectious Disease Sciences Summer Scholars Internship Program. It runs for 6-8 weeks, is a paid internship and offers resources for housing arrangements. To apply, you must be an undergraduate, medical student or graduate student who has demonstrated interest in biomedical sciences or other related areas. The application deadline is March 31.

The University of Washington is affiliated with multiple summer research programs. For example, the Diverse and Inclusive Naval Oceanographic (DINO) Summer Internship Program. Selected students will experience the opportunity to conduct project-based research and learn how to navigate a career in STEM. It will be hosted at the Applied Physics Laboratory at UW’s Seattle campus. This internship is for undergraduates, students at community colleges, technical schools and graduating seniors. It runs June 18 – Aug. 18, with a stipend of $6000 and limited travel funds. The application deadline is March 31.

Platforms like Indeed are also helpful for finding internships, and not necessarily only summer exclusive ones either. Multiple places are always offering science internships, and there’s sure to be something that fits your schedule.