Make Memorial Day memorable

Illustration by Brandy Pickering

It seems as though Memorial Day Weekend marks the beginning of the best time of the year. From May 25 and on, weather gets warmer and the days get longer, providing more time for crazy, stupid fun.

Once it hits, your options open up from just going to the mall or getting coffee, to traveling, camping and many more adventures.

Because this particular weekend is technically the unofficial kick-off, it is only natural to start it off right and the Pacific Northwest is a great place to do that. There are plenty of ways to spend the three days and make sure it is a memorable one.

The Northwest Folklife Festival: The infamous Folklife Festival is one that pioneers the start of outdoor concerts and cultural events in the Seattle area. From May 25-27, experience diverse foods, art and music all for your enjoyment.

It’s one of the few times a year when running into the Seattle Center’s International Fountain is encouraged and running into a magician on a unicycle is totally normal. Whether alone or with friends, if you enjoy walking around in the sun, listening to live music and watching Seattle unfold, this is the place for you. For an indepth schedule of Folklife, visit

Sasquatch Festival: Similarly to Folklife, Sasquatch is the legendary annual concert put on every year at the Gorge. Always having a killer line up, Sasquatch is an awesome outdoor concert consisting of camping and live music from the best artists out there.

Even if you get tired of listening to the music, the campground is huge and the thousands of people hanging out and having fun guarantee there will never be a dull moment. For more information and ticket sales, visit

International Film Festival: Running from May 17-June 10, the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) provides an artistically cultural experience with films as close as Kirkland and as far as Senegal. Witness some of the most talented directors and actors as they present original storylines displaying their creativity. For tickets and more information, visit

Lake Chelan: If staying in the area isn’t your forte, taking a few friends and a swimsuit to Lake Chelan may be the thing for you. The water is some of the most clear you will ever see and a great refresher on a hot day. You can rent a room at one of their many waterfront hotels or camp on the water or at a park. Either way, you are bound to have a blast. It is easy to rent a boat, water skis or jet skis and spend dawn to dusk on the crystal clear lake.

There are tons of options for Memorial Day weekend. Whether you like to relax on the water or jam to the latest most popular artists, there’s something for everyone.