Men defeat Portland 81-61

By Christopher Wood.
The BCC men’s basketball team defeated Portland Community College (PCC) 81-61 last Friday, part of the annual Bulldog classic. “Bellevue is a good team,” said Kevin Collier, PCC basketball coach. BCC scored first in the game, and did not fall behind PCC during the entire game. The closest PCC got to taking the lead was late in the second half, coming to within three points of BCC. “We slipped in the second half,” said Pete Harris, BCC guard. During the last five minutes of the game, BCC pulled away from PCC, and ended the game with a comfortable 20-point lead. BCC outscored PCC 42 to 39 in the second half. But the second half did open up with an uninterrupted nine point scoring drive by PCC, which helped the team score 17 more points in the second half than the 22 points the team produced during the first. “The team did a good job withstanding,” said Jeremy Eggers, BCC basketball coach. “Which is good, early in the season.” The first half was dominated by BCC, with BCC leading in total points 39-22, as well as leading in completed field goals with a 41 percent completion rate versus PCC’s 24.2 percent rate. Lead scorers for BCC were Sam Cartmell, BCC guard, with 25 points total, and Curron Singleton, BCC guard, with 14 points total. Both teams had good depth, as evidenced by BCC scoring 27 of their points off of the bench, and PCC making 22 off of theirs. “We played well,” said Cartmell. “We finished off strong.” By the end of the game, both teams were about equal in defense with both teams having 52 defensive stops a piece. BCC’s next home game will be on Dec. 28 at four p.m., versus Pierce.