Long-awaited Muller Report is out; A for effort

The American public has been waiting two years to get their hands on the Mueller report.  Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team were working in relative secret, investigating if and how Russia interfered with the 2016 election and if the Trump campaign was involved.

When Donald Trump learned that Special Counsel Robert Muller was appointed two years ago, “the President slumped back in his chair and said, ‘Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I’m F—–.” That is something that an innocent person wouldn’t say.

 Attorney General William Barr released a summary of the report a few days before he released a redacted version of the Mueller report to the public. The whole purpose of the summary coming out before the report was so that the Trump team could get ahead of the media circus. Donald Trump is using the office of the Attorney General as his own personal spin doctor. Barr’s summary calls the report a complete and total exoneration because it left out many details that would have incriminated the president.

                The 448-page report confirmed again that Russia had in fact interfered with the election but that the Trump campaign did not fully cooperate with Russia. The Russian government attempted to reach out to the Trump campaign in many other instances but due to extreme incompetence there was no closer cooperation. This was because campaign aides were not doing enough research or just contacted the wrong people. The report also laid out that when Trump attempted to obstruct justice, his staff was too disobedient to follow through with his orders. This is relieving and at the same time disheartening. Now many of those staff members are no longer in the White House and their positions have been filled with Trump’s appointees. This is because Trump wants people who work for him to do exactly what he says. In Trump’s perfect America, he would do whatever he wants without people keeping him in check.

                Even though the report does not recommend any criminal charges, Congress may be pursuing multiple obstruction of justice charges against President Trump. This is because he attempted many times to either slow down the investigation and may have intimidated several key witnesses that Mueller was interrogating.  The Mueller report is emblematic of the Republican Party. Republicans are willing to turn to criminal activity to push their conservative agenda. For them it’s a means to an end. 

                With a ton of new information that describes how incompetent and almost negligent the Trump campaign was, I do not believe that it’s enough to convince republicans to impeach him. If we have learned anything about Trump’s supporters, it’s that they are stubborn. No one will lift a finger on the right unless the Department of Justice levies charges, which is extremely unlikely because Barr was appointed by Trump. With that in mind I believe that Trump has a strong chance of winning another term in office. His supporters are loyal to a fault, and incumbent presidents are more likely to win a second term. We are staring down the barrel of four more years of Trump. What the left must do to keep him from winning is to be out there in republican territory, speaking to the voters who felt left behind by Obama. Democrats on the hill must start issuing subpoenas in order to make sure that voters have the full story, because in the end the real decision is going to be at the ballot box.