My Favorite Things… Exploring Bellevue

By Brittany Butterfield.
Snow, floods, and freezing temperatures shouldn’t be stopping you from getting out of the house. There is no reason to go stir-crazy, our neighborhood is Bellevue, it’s full of activities and adventures. With this city’s uproar in growth there are things for everyone to enjoy. Such as, the Bellevue Square Mall, Lincoln Cinemas, Vertigo Lounge and Grill, and so much more. I’ll bet when you think of Bellevue after these activities; besides the Downtown Park and restaurants, your stumped. Well, think again, there is more to do than shop and be cooped up in front of a movie screen. For activities, there is Lucky Strike Bowling lanes, which yes, it does come with a heavy price tag, but don’t forget about our little Sunvilla Lanes right next to the Toyota Dealership; across from campus. If it is bowling you want, that place still holds the game at a more affordable rate. In my view point winter is the time to bulk up, get toned and prepared for the spring sunshine around the corner. Bellevue has gyms in just about every convenient location, for just a few, there is LA Fitness right in Downtown Bellevue, or 24 Hour Fitness off 140th, as well as Bally’s next to campus. Take this time to burn off those holiday calories, stale energy and do something worhwhile that will wake up your sleepy muscles. Another thing I don’t think the Bellevulites take advantage of in the cold weather season is appreciating art and the historic views of Bellevue. Right around our neighborhood is the Bellevue Arts Museum, where Steven Holl presents exhibitions of jewelry, calligraphy, furniture, glass, and so much more examples of the finest craft and design. If that kind of art isn’t what your looking for the Maydenbauer Center holds a variety of concerts, performances, and conventions. Some regular events include; the Bellevue Chamber Chorus, the Bellevue Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Ballet Bellevue. Just ending is the Northwest Super Starz Nationals, showing the dance and cheer competitions for finals. Also, at the Maydenbauer Center on January 23 to 25 as well as the 29 to 31 the Civic Theater will be presenting Neil Simons, “Chapter Two” for a more comical event. Come explore Bellevue like you never have before, learn about the place and all the different aspects it offers. That is what I love about this city it has such an interesting background, and agenda. Even the name explains what it has to offer, Bellevue is French for beautiful view. It lies between Lake Washington to the west, and Lake Sammamish to the east. Downtown Bellevue is undergoing rapid change. It is currently the second largest city center in Washington state; with over 35,000 employees and 5,000 residents. Based on per capita income, Bellevue is the 15th wealthiest of 522 communities. This is one of the fastest growing cities here in Washington. Once being considered a Seattle suburb Bellevue is now classified as a